Cardiovascular Manifestations of COVID-19: Role of the Endothelium

John P. Cooke, MD, PhD leads discussion on role of the endothelium during COVD-19.

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Houston Methodist Hospital


John Cooke, MD, PhD

John Cooke, MD, PhD

Joseph C. "Rusty" and Carole Walter Looke Presidential Distinguished Chair
Professor and Chair, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
Director, Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration
Houston Methodist Research Institute

Dr. John P. Cooke is the Chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences at the Houston Methodist Research Institute, Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration, and Medical Director of the RNA Therapeutics Program in the ...

Abhishek Jain, PhD

Abhishek Jain, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Texas A&M College of Engineering

Dr. Jain directs the Bioinspired Translational Microsystems (BioinSyst) lab that specializes in making patient-specific and digital microengineered models of cardiovascular and hematologic diseases for enabling basic discovery and advancing ...

John Connor, PhD

John Connor, PhD

Associate Professor, Microbiology
Boston University School of Medicine
Investigator, National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL)

Dr. John Connor's laboratory studies the virus-host interaction. The lab takes a variety of approaches from genetic to systems biology to biochemistry and molecular biology. Dr. Connor is studying how viruses take over the cellular protein ...